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Climbing & Abseiling Scotland
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Climbing and Abseiling

Learn the basics of rock climbing & abseiling & enjoy a great fun half day activity !

Active Highs offer instructed rock climbing & abseiling near Fort William & Fort Agustus. We have various venues that we use near our centre in the Great Glen. We have a selection of fantastic small natural crags in our area with plenty of easy rock climbing routes.  Once you have mastered your climbing techniques and reached the top of your route there is always the  the option of an abseil back down. You will be fully kitted up in a climbing harness, helmet & tied on by our instructors who will offer you advice on climbing techniques and reassure you that it is o.k. to walk off a Cliff backwards!

If you are looking for a more in depth rock climbing experience or day out mountaineering we can also organise a full day of rock climbing instruction or mountain guiding with a fully qualified instructor or mountain guide. These days will be run in a course format where you will be a lot more hands on with the equipment and learn more rope techniques as well as being guided up on the rock or mountain.

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