2014 White Water Rafting Dates

We now have the long awaited release dates for white water rafting on the River Garry this year!

The River Garry is a dam release river which means that once or twice per week the dam opens and floods the river with water from the loch above. originally the freshet releases of water were agreed by the land owner and the Hydro board (now Scottish and Southern Energy) to aid the Atlantic Salmon to return up the River Garry to spawn and reproduce their young.

These releases of water also just happen to turn an otherwise dry riverbed into a fantastic white water river with rapids of up to grade 3 & 4 and it is perfect for white water rafting and white water kayaking. The water releases for 2014 start on Saturday the 22nd of March and carry on weekly until the end of October. There are several good https://halcyonstore.com/calan-online/ bouncy adrenaline pumping rapids on the River Garry including “Double or Quits”, “Surfs Up”, “Hey Diddle Diddle” and “Satan’s sphincter”.

White water rapids are graded on a scale of 1 to 6 with grade 1 being the easiest and not much in the way of adrenaline and excitement and grade 6 which is at the limit of navigation (trust me, you wouldn’t want to raft grade 6!). The River Garry is right in the middle of the grading system at big grade 3, touching grade 4 making it ideal for white water rafting for families, stag weekends, hen weekends and corporate events in Scotland.

Our white water rafting pages have live availability for our River Garry trips and they can now be booked and paid for online for your convenience!

Don’t miss out on this fun filled adventure this year!

See you on the river!