Safety In The Outdoors

Safety, Fun& Adventure!

At Active Highs we take our customers safety very seriously but at the same time try not to take the adventure out of our activities. Although there is always an inherent risk with any outdoor activity we pride ourselves on an excellent safety record and believe that the rewards that people get from taking part in outdoor activities far outway any risk that is involved.

AALA Licensed Activity Provider

Active Highs holds an adventure activities license that is administered via the health and safety executive which entitles us to work with young people in the outdoor environment.  For more information about what is required by law to run outdoor activities for young people in the U.K., please see the guidance from the licensing authority on adventure activities licensing regulations 2004 here.

Please feel free to check out our AALA license details here

Details of our public and employers liability insurance can also be provided on request.

What You Need To Be Aware Of 

Through regular risk assessments & staff training, Active Highs have taken all reasonable steps to provide you with the level of care and assurances of safety appropriate to these activities. However you should be aware that certain inherent risks remain which are integral to the activity, and which cannot be eliminated without destroying their unique character. The level of real (as opposed to apparent) risk associated with the activities of Active Highs is very low. However, the type of risks may be something with which you are not familiar. Depending on which activity that you are undertaking you may be involved with any or all of the following:

Things you may encounter include, but may not be limited to:

Rough or rugged terrain.

This may be on mountain or moorland, forestry or rough cultivated land etc. If you are used only to footpaths, tarmac surfaces, and gentle inclines etc. this may come as a bit of a surprise by putting greater strain on joints and muscles than you are used to.

Physical effort.

All our activities involve physical effort which at times may be more than you are used to. This may involve stamina or physical strength. If you have medical conditions or injuries, past or present, which may make some activities ill-advised you should make us aware of them. Rest assured however, that we can accommodate almost anyone provided we know about the condition.

Water activities. All normal and appropriate precautions will be taken, such as the use of buoyancy aids when appropriate. However, some situations may become stressful for some people. If you have an unusual aversion to water you should let that be known to us, although the ability to swim is NOT a requirement.

Environmental risks and hazards These may include such factors as lightening, floods or rock-fall although the more common would be rapid and significant changes in the weather, or unstable or slippery conditions underfoot.

Slips and trips. This is the commonest type of accident throughout society and our activities are no exception. We will endeavor to ensure that the consequences of such a slip are not serious but you should be aware that the likelihood of falling over or slipping is likely to be greater than you are used to. Moreover, given the nature of the environment in which these may occur the situation can compound giving rise to a more serious incident.

Active Highs have clear obligations and responsibilities and we take these very seriously. However, we expect all participants to contribute to their own and each other’s safety by following the instructions from our staff.