We are pleased to announce that we have purchased a new fleet of open canoes for the 2014 season at Active Highs. This season our customers can enjoy paddling our new Venture Prospector Canoes on Loch Oich and in the Great Glen.

We are extremely happy to have these new boats as we believe that they are a great choice for our canoeing activities, lessons and canoe trips. Not only are we happy with our choice, check out this great review from Canoe and Kayak Magazine.

Canoe and Kayak Magazine
“The Venture Canoes Prospector 16’s versatility, friendly nature, performance and price meant that it was voted our ‘Canoe design of the Year’ in the Canoe & Kayak UK 2011 Awards.”

If you are holidaying in the Highlands this year and would like to try some canoeing near Fort William or canoeing near Fort Augustus then get in touch or check out our website for further information on our canoeing lessons and canoe trips in the Great Glen.

See you on the water!