Stag & Hen Weekends with a difference!

Over the years we have organised and provided activity weekends in and around Fort William, Aviemore and Inverness for countless stag weekends and hen weekends. So what is it that makes a good stag or hen doo then? We are seeing a lot more people choosing to have a weekend away with a difference that involves something fun to do on the Saturday and Sunday instead of just sitting in a bar somewhere drinking beer (and we all know how that ends!).

What Activities Can We Do?

For the Adrenaline Junkie !

Our classic stag weekend activity packages often include white water rafting which can be world class in the Scottish Highlands. Active Highs run a lot of their rafting trips on a dam controlled river from March to October which means that you are not relying on rain to bring the rivers into condition. The River Garry offers a fantastic big bang for your buck with grade 3 & 4 rafting, big bouncy rapids and fun fun fun!

If the dam is not releasing then we may also be able to offer rafting on another local river or give you the option of white water funyakking or duckies to spice up your adventure! This activity involves you and a mate paddling your own 2 man inflatable down the river adding to the challenge and requiring a bit of communication, not always a strong point after a night out on a stag doo!

Canyoning is also one of our most popular stag weekend activities and one of the fastest growing adventure sports in Europe. Canyoning involves getting kitted up in a thermal neoprene specialist canyoning suit, taking a short hike to the top of a mountain stream and the jumping into it and descending by sliding down flumes, jumping from cliffs and abseiling over waterfalls! Just what is needed to wake up a bunch of groggy guys and girls on a Saturday or Sunday morning or afternoon!

Adventurous Fun!

If you don’t want to have a full on crazy day out with adrenaline running through your veins all day there are other options available. Some stag parties and hen parties ask us for a fun adventure which is a bit less extreme as they may have a mixed group or are bit nervous about some of our more extreme activities.

Gorge walking is  a great example of an activity that we run which offers a great adventure without the big scary jumps and long slides that you would find on a canyoning trip. We wear the same kit and then scramble up and down small waterfalls, swim and wade through the pools and sample some smaller roc

If white water rafting is not your thing then why not try funyakking or duckies down one of our local rivers which can be chosen to suit the adventure level required by your group! This activity involves you and a mate paddling your own 2 man inflatable down the river adding to the challenge and requiring a bit of communication and is a great fun way to enjoy the river!

Our River Rafting Safari Trips  are a  great way to enjoy a river journey as a quieter alternative to white water rafting, we will guide you down a more gentle river with some beautiful scenery and small rapids and games to add to the fun. We often run these trips down the River Oich and finish in Loch Ness at Fort Augustus.

A half day or full day canoe trip or kayak trip in the Great Glen can also be a popular option for those looking to get away from it all and enjoy some scenic paddling along part of Scotland most iconic waterways. Lunches, hot drinks and picnics can also be supplied as part of this experience!

So whatever your adrenaline level or activity requirements I’m sure that we can organise something for your last weekend of freedom! It’s also worth keeping an eye out for our stag & hen weekend offers such as stag or hen go for free and remember that we can also arrange your accommodation and put you in touch with minibus hire, driven transport and give you pointers on nightlife!

Give us a call on 01809 5014589 or email for more info!

Cheers for now