White Water Rafting 2015

White water rafting Scotland 500 x 345The white water rafting season in Scotland is now well underway and we have already been running white water rafting trips down the River Garry this season since mid March. With the warmer weather now on it’s way we are getting busier and busier with our rafting trips for 2015.

Record Levels

In late February we had some major floods on the west cast of Scotland when the River Garry reached it’s highest level on record a massive 2 metres higher than the normal 0.8 metre dam release that we normally have for rafting. At this level the river turns into one enormous rapid from top to bottom and takes around 2 minutes to raft but we decided not to take clients out on that day!. Thankfully levels have now returned to normal and we are back running regular rafting trips every Thursday and some Saturdays.

2015 White Water Rafting Dates

As you may or may not be aware, the River Garry offers the best Raft 1 500 x 345guaranteed white water rafting in the country due to the release of water from the dam at the top of the river. This https://www.medeor247dubai.com/en/lp/dental/med/inderal/ year we have releases every Thursday with the exception of the 30th April and Friday the 1st May when we have a 2 day release back to back. We also have a few Saturdays throughout the year including:

  • Saturday 30th May
  • Saturday 27th June
  • Saturday 4th July
  • Saturday 11th July
  • Saturday 18th July
  • Saturday 25th July
  • Saturday 8th August

rafting multiAbout white water rafting on the River Garry

Rapids for white water rafting are graded on a scale of 1 to 6 with 1 being very easy and a meandering river and 6 being the limit of navigation that is not very often run other than by expert teams at the right levels and even then the risk to life is extremely high. You will be glad to hear however that the River Garry is graded at 3 & 4 making it ideal for first timers or experienced rafters. The white water rafting run is around 1 mile in length but it’s that good we run it twice with a few added extras for the 2nd run.

All of the above dates are available to be booked online via our website or call us on 01809 501459 for more info