White Water Rafting River Garry Fort William

2017 White Water Rafting – River Garry Fort William Dam Release Dates

We are extremely lucky in when it comes to white water rafting near Fort William. Not only do we have some of the best white water rivers in Scotland & the  U.K., we also have  access to white water rafting on the River Garry which is a dam release river so we also have scheduled water every week from the end of March until the end of October.

When the dam is opened at the top of the River Garry, the river rises by around a metre in height https://www.ncahcsp.org/buy-klonopin-online-2-mg/ which means that we get awesome white water rafting when other rivers in Scotland can be very low, dry and in navigable. We do have other rivers available to us for white water rafting but these only come into condition after heavy rain & rise and fall very quickly.

Below are the scheduled dates for the release of water from the dam at the River Garry which offers us grade 3&4 rafting that is fun and reliable every week!

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River Garry Dam Release Schedule 2017


1 Thursday 23rd March
2 Thursday 30th March
3 Thursday 6th April
4 Saturday 8th April
5 Thursday 13th April
6 Thursday 20th April
7 Thursday 27th April
8 Saturday 29th April
9 Thursday 4th May
10 Saturday 13th May
11 Thursday 18th May
12 Thursday 25th May
13 Saturday 27th May
14 Thursday 1st June
15 Thursday 8th June
16 Friday 9th June
17 Thursday 22nd June
18 Thursday 29th June
19 Saturday 1st July
20 Thursday 6th July
21 Saturday 8th July
22 Thursday 13th July
23 Saturday 15th July
24 Thursday 20th July
25 Thursday 27th July
26 Saturday 29th July
27 Thursday 3rd August
28 Saturday 5th August
29 Thursday 10th August
30 Saturday 12th August
31 Thursday 17th August
32 Thursday 24th August
33 Thursday 31st August
34 Sunday 10th September
35 Thursday 14th September
36 Thursday 21st September
37 Thursday 5th October
38 Thursday 12th October
39 Thursday 19th October
40 Thursday 26th October